Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tea Party and an Update

dress: Free People; bag: Marshall's; socks: Kenneth Cole; shoes: LoveD

Alright, well if you've been here for the past month, you'd notice that all I've been writing are one-shot drabbles. Drabbles because I get these random ideas for moments to write about, but I can't be bothered to sit down and develop them into more sophisticated pieces. One-shot because I'm too impatient to give the piece proper editing time. It seems very lazy and possibly wasteful, but the way I see it, at least I've got the ideas down. That way if I want to, I can come back and add depth and complexity or whatever to the pieces later.

I've actually been getting a lot of random shots of inspiration. Most of those turn into mediocre sketches in my sketchbook. I mentioned it in my last post, but my next post is going to be a peek into my sketchbook--which'll hopefully be fun. Not everything I've drawn this summer has been in my sketchbook, though. I actually have a fair few amount of things I've drawn/created for my dorm room. I'll hold off on showing those here until I do a dorm post (which will be in mid to late September). I have loads of cute plans for my room, so hopefully that'll be an aesthetically pleasing post.

Speaking of things I plan to do when I go back to school... I've decided to try and continue my yoga practice during fall quarter. Okay that sounded way ore dramatic than I intended. So I've been doing yoga since I was eleven, but for the most part I stop during the school year because I get preoccupied. After seeing how stressed and depressed I got during the school year, my mom suggested I take yoga classes at school. I agree that the exercise and time away from my desk will help me relax, so hopefully I'll stick to it! Besides, I've been getting a lot of physical benefits out of my practice lately. I try to go to two classes a week: one meditative and one vinyasa. That means that once a week I get to feel calm and tingly, and once a week I get to feel sweaty and powerful. Ideally, when I mix those feelings in with high-strung and busy, I'll get happy and energized. Fingers crossed!

The other week I accidentally caught an episode of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family (or Freeform, as it's now called), and I got hooked again. Have you ever watched it? The banter and the light drama are absolutely ace. And I cannot wait until she meets Logan!! They just started showing season five, and Logan comes in on the third episode of season five (I just looked it up--I'm not totally obsessed). My absolute favorite episode has got to be when Rory follows Logan to the Life and Death Brigade retreat. That dress he gets her is stunning, and the whole event is just so grand and amazing. Sigh. I just love a grand gesture.

Hey, let's talk outfit! Haven't done that in ages. So my roommate flew down for a weekend and wanted to take some cute photos of us. I figured I'd take advantage of the opportunity and get some cute blog photos while we were at the location. I knew that there were lots of fun backdrops here, so I wanted to pick an outfit that was quirky enough to match the vibe, but not loud enough to clash. I opted for a dress with a rather simple pattern, but I decided to go for my signature look and throw a second pattern into the mix. The silhouette of the dress and the wedges create a very soft and girly vibe that reminded me of a tea party. Hence the name of this post. Ta da!

Sorry if that was a bit rambly, but I had fun! It's been awhile since I've done a more casual post. How have you been? Anything new and exciting in your life? New clothes? New people? New home decor? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know.

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