Sunday, June 28, 2015

Songs I Like

I don't know if anyone cares, but here's a list of songs I like at the moment with links to YouTube if you want to listen.

  1. -Muse
  2. -Muse
  3. -White Town
  4. -Meghan Trainor
  5. -Against the Current
  6. -Against the Current
  7. -Against the Current
  8. -Muse
  9. -Muse
  10. -The Weeknd
  11. -Lana Del Rey
  12. -Fall Out Boy
  13. -Fall Out Boy
  14. -Fall Out Boy
  15. -We the Kings
Wow, that list grew faster than I thought it would. I'm sure there are a few that I'm leaving out, but fifteen is a good number.

Like any of the same songs? Any new recommendations? Let me know!

<Lucy Cartin

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