Friday, February 27, 2015

Are humans living wrong?

Is our society's structure setting us as humans up for failure? Are we not meant to live this way?

The other day I watched a BuzzFeed video that mentioned something about how people are only supposed to sit for about 3 hours every day. I saw that, felt guilty about sitting for about 90% of my day, and almost moved on. I realized something, though: I go to school for 6 hours and spend at least 5 of those hours sitting. Most adults work 8 hour days and (often) allocate a majority of those hours to sitting at a desk. The numbers don't match up! There are probably only a handful of people in America who only sit for an average 3 hours every day. Everyone else is kind of screwed, huh?

Not to mention, plenty of people are constantly stressed due to work or just the general pressures of life. Unhealthy is excessive stress. So why do we live in a society that continually forces stress upon us?

What if humans are just doing the whole living thing wrong? What if we went horribly off path somewhere along the way and are now tumbling down a slippery slope to some inevitable societal dystopia? I guess we'll never know. Even if we did know, it's probably too late to go back anyway. Oh well.

<Lucy Cartin

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


top: Target: skirt: Material Girl; socks: Anne Klein; boots: Unisa

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that we will never see the truth around.

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

from "Uprising" -Muse

<Lucy Cartin

Monday, February 23, 2015

Acne Product Conspiracy Theory

I have a theory that companies who sell acne products purposely manufacture merchandise that does not work. Here's why:

1. When I took freshman health and got to the diet unit, my teacher delivered a very eye-opening lecture regarding exercise machines and diet medication. He informed the class that companies intentionally design non-functioning products, so that when consumers find that the Shake Weight or the diet pills aren't helping them lose weight, they just buy another device or pill. Essentially, by making useless products, these companies only encourage consumers to buy more of their junk and pour money into their industry.

2. My friend often brings up the early history of pantyhose, and I'm here to bestow the story upon the Internet. Apparently, when pantyhose first came out, they were super durable. Whereas now women tear through pantyhose like a cliche dog through homework (er, at least I do), back then, a woman really only needed to buy one pair. However, because each woman's pair of pantyhose lasted so long, the pantyhose companies struggled to continue selling. As a result, the companies made pantyhose into a more dispensable product so they could increase profit.

Based on these situations, I've concluded that acne face washes, solutions, spot treatments, etc. are meant to not completely cure acne. Think about it, if someone discovered a working antidote for acne, the acne product industry would dwindle down to one company. And that company wouldn't even flourish! Once the acne's gone, it's gone. Sure, the company would still sell their medication whenever the next line of red-faced teenagers comes along, but before anyone can buy a second bottle of face clearing magic, his skin clears up! The system would shrivel into one guy selling one item one person at a time. Granted, he would have a monopoly and could realistically charge whatever he wants, but that's a little too Gilded Age for my tastes so I'm just going to ignore that hole in my theory.

In conclusion, the government is teaming up with acne companies in order to exploit the public and fatten their wallets.

<Lucy Cartin

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bold Eyes, Bright Lips

In no way am I a beauty expert. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis and if you gave me a curling iron, I would probably burn my face off. However, I really wanted to talk about the look I've been liking lately, so let's do this!

HAIR. Recently, I love having my hair wavy with a smidgen of volume (which, when you have completely straight hair, actually isn't that much volume). After I wash my hair, I spray it with a hefty amount of sea salt spray, twist it into two pigtails, and secure it with rubber hair bands every two inches or so. When I wake up in the morning, I take out the rubber bands and end up with pretty waves.

EYES. I've gotten into plain old black eyeliner. That seems so boring, but I really enjoy the little punch it has. I messily apply a thick line of it on my upper and lower lash line and smudge it out with a cotton swab. The final effect is kind of smoky, which makes me feel tough and cool when I look in the mirror. (My apologies that you can't really see the whole eyeliner situation in the picture below. My eyelid decided to just fold over it.)

LIPS. Especially with the black eyeliner, I'm really into having colorful lips. In these photos I am wearing a Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony. I mentioned it in my Recent Obsessions post if you want to give it a gander!

<Lucy Cartin

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Internal Conflict

Irrelevant photo, blah blah blah.

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is Modern Family, partly because of the diverse cast of characters. This past year (2014)'s Thanksgiving episode emphasized how the character's improve each other. Specifically, the episode elucidated how the idealists and the realists of the family balance each other out, and that's what I want to discuss today.

For some reason I was born with the curse of internal conflict. Within me live a blind dreamer and an over-dramatic pessimist, and whenever I'm involved in any sort of competition, these two have at it. Outwardly, I'm all gloom and doom: I tell everyone that there's no way I'm good enough or that I completely bombed whatever I did. Meanwhile, I'm in my head directing all my thoughts to how amazing I'll feel when I win and people shower me with praise. Unfortunately, I have no happy medium, no middle ground, no reasonable version of myself. As of recent, the dreamer and the pessimist have started The War on College. While the dreamer believes that every college will accept her, the pessimist suffers from constant stress because she has no future. In the long run, both the dreamer and the pessimist will wind up unhappy because not every school will accept the dreamer, and the pessimist will only acknowledge the rejection letters.

In the past, I brushed off my polar sides as opposite ends of a see-saw-- forever fluctuating but slowly approaching some equilibrium. Now, I'm starting to realize that these bipolar mental states will probably end up destroying me as I fall into a never ending tug of war where my only escape is collapsing under the tension.

Just something that's been on my mind!

<Lucy Cartin

Monday, February 16, 2015

Classic with a Touch of Sunshine

hat: Target: dress: Charlotte Russe; shoes: Aldo

One of my friends told me that my outfit reminded him of Taylor Swift, and as a person who is relatively familiar with celebrity fashion, I was surprised that I hadn't realized it myself. That's basically all I have to say about this. Sometimes the outfit speaks for itself-- which is essentially a profound way of saying I'm not creative enough to come up with anything.

<Lucy Cartin

P.S. Thank you Kayla for these beautiful, artistic photos!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Recent Obsessions

Happy Friday! Well, I'm just kind of in the mood to enthuse about my obsessions, so let's get into this!

CROSSY ROAD. For anyone who does't know, Crossy Road is a phone game (app? I'm not with the times. I don't know what to call it.) where you hop across a street and try to avoid cars, trains, etc. If anyone played "Frogger" on the Game Boy as a kid, then you can think of Crossy Road like that. Obsessed am I with this game. My high score is 225 (which I'm pretty proud of, by the way), and I have 44 of the 70 characters. What I don't have, however, is THE HIPSTER WHALE. Whereas most of the characters can be obtained from free gifts, the hipster whale has to be "earned" during the game. I've missed my opportunity 7 times! It simultaneously makes me hate myself and want to keep playing. And you know what? My friend downloaded the game after I told him about my struggle and got the hipster whale on his first try.

MUSE-THE RESISTANCE. Side note, don't judge the way I talk about this because I know nothing about music. I recently became a Muse fan and have really been feeling this album. This isn't a new album or anything (for anyone who is unfamiliar with Muse), but it's something I recently stumbled upon and have really been enjoying-- especially the song "United States of Eurasia." (If you don't have time to listen through the whole album, just listen to that song because it's fantastic.) My favorite aspect of this album is that the first few songs are pretty intense and rock-ish, but it concludes with heavily instrumental-- with the piano and the strings-- songs. Moreover, the lyrics of each song have a lot of depth and are all  somewhat thematically related to each other. Overall, this album is deep and intense and makes me feel like a cool kid.

CHUBBY STICK- PUDGY PEONY. Since spring has essentially shoved winter aside (in Southern California, anyway), I've taken the initiative to start dressing in bright colors and girly prints. What I love doing is pairing all of these spring elements with this vibrant, light pink lip color. I couldn't get a photo of the color on me, but I wore it in this outfit post if you want to see it. Pudgy Peony is just a really spring-y color that brightens up my face, so I wear it constantly!

TWIGGY. (Specifically, her eye makeup.) I'm not really into makeup, and I don't know where my obsession originated, but I absolutely adore this eye situation. Not much to say here, I just really like it. Perhaps I'll try it sometime? If I do, it'll definitely end in failure, but maybe I'll feel adventurous one day!

<Lucy Cartin

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Connection Deficit

so the picture is somewhat related today
A few posts ago, I explained that I wanted to start writing these long posts about my miscellaneous thoughts to practice expressing myself. This is because for the longest time, I have been unable to connect with people. When I'm having a conversation with someone, I find myself making irrelevant comments or telling amusing, but ultimately pointless, stories. Because of this, I rarely have genuine conversations with people and don't really have any close friends. I mean I can't even do the basics of conversation. It doesn't seem so hard to mention things like the music I enjoy or the shows I watch, right? From there, I could build relationships with people based on common interests. THAT SEEMS SO EASY, RIGHT? Well, that's something I can't do. I'm just not naturally inclined to say things that allow people to know me on any level. Especially when it comes to deeper things like philosophical opinions (or I don't know, my childhood), I refrain from sharing. I'm not entirely certain where it came from, but I always feel like I can't trust people with information about me. What can I say, I'm paranoid.

Recently I decided that I'm going to be a new person next year in college. How unique of me, right? But seriously, I don't want to spend my life constantly going through friends-- making them when I start a new stage of my life, losing them when I move on. As I (very slowly) approach adulthood, I want to become more comfortable (or good at) chatting about my enthusiasms, sharing my thoughts, and, consequently, developing real relationships with people. By forming friendships based on common interests rather than discussing events that are happening around me (like how I only talk about school with some of my classmates), I hope that I'll form friendships that last through multiple stages of my life.

Just something that's been on my mind!

<Lucy Cartin

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dressing Weird

cardigan: Target; shirt: Tommy Girl; dress: Cotton On; 
bag: Nine West; socks: Kohl's; shoes: Aldo

I'm just going to openly admit that I try way too hard to be different. For some reason, I have a huge problem with dressing like every other girl my age (with the crop tops and the skinny jeans and the white Converse and the army jackets). I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with being trendy, but I have an unusual fear of conformity. Honestly, I think it's because I've read one too many satires that involve the confiscation of individuality (I'm talking to you, The Handmaid's Tale). Due to this phobia, I struggle embarrassingly hard to come up with unique outfits, and sometimes, things just get weird. Granted, today was more of a stay at home day, but still. I just kind of went for shape, completely ignored pattern and color, and ended up with this. I mean, it's kind of quirky and charming, right? Well...

<Lucy Cartin

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Paper Cut (a Haiku)

Satanic white blade,
Why have you forsaken me?
Unbearable pain.

<Lucy Cartin

Friday, February 6, 2015

Modern Wonderland

bow: made by a friend; shirt: American Apparel; 
dress: Aqua; shoes: Nine West

This particular outfit elicited a lot of mixed attention. One of my friends spent a good few minutes questioning my decision to wear a t-shirt under this dress-- which made me feel, you know, uncertain. However, I received a lot of compliments from an atypical crowd. Many of my teachers told my that my dress was pretty. One girl (who is pretty introverted as far as I can tell) said she really liked my outfit as we passed each other. That's the summary; now for the analysis!

What really struck me about the events described above was that this outfit appealed to a different audience. Generally, my outfit compliments come from my friends passively throwing in a nice comment during conversations, but when I wore this, I didn't get passive comments from my friends-- I got out of the blue praise from teachers and a stranger. Before this experience, I didn't consider that different styles or types of outfits appeal to different people. Sure, I understand that everyone has her own personal style and that she tends to like outfits that are similar to her own, but I didn't really realize that different aspects of my style could intrigue a diverse crowd.

I hope that made sense! This probably isn't that interesting to other people, but when I started thinking about this, I just got so blown away! Maybe this isn't interesting, but it's a little peek into my brain. Hope you enjoyed!

<Lucy Cartin

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sweet Tea in the Garden

bandanna: Michael's; shirt: TJMaxx; blazer: American Rag; 
skirt: Forever 21; shoes; Coach