Monday, June 30, 2014

Not So Girly

 bow: made by a mystical friend; top: Banana Republic; skirt: Forever 21; purse: Coach; shoes: Guess

Overall, I'm a pretty girly person. I like shopping, I like flowers, and I don't do sports or video games. My style is no different (it also does not do sports). I own a plethora of dresses and pretty hair things, and I wear them frequently. But the thing is, I'm not a total girly-girl. When you think of girly-girls, you generally think of sweet, kind, gentle girls. That's not me. I'm mean and aggressive, but I always put an effort towards being kind (you know, for social purposes). I feel like this outfit reflects that part of me because it seems really girly, but the shoes hint that there's something else there. It's funny how style can unintentionally reflect your personality. Well, not that funny, but a little.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Topshop Haul: What I Got and What I Think

I've wanted to own something from Topshop for the longest time because I see it every-freaking-where. Aside from celebrities who are always raving about Topshop, I watch a lot of British YouTubers, and they're always like "Oh, I just popped into Topshop!" and I just get sad and think Why can't I pop into Topshop?! While online shopping is always an option these days, I had never bought Topshop online before because they generally don't have free shipping (and I live by a strict free-shipping rule). But, a few weeks back, Topshop had a special free-shipping deal and I was ecstatic. Though I didn't buy much, I was so excited about my order that I had to share it with you!

graphic flower tee- white

When I first saw this, I was very intrigued. So much so, that I clicked the link to get a closer look. I love how there are two very different patterns (don't know why, I just do) on the front. Also contributing to the uniqueness of this top is the sleeve length. The ends sit at my elbows (as opposed to mid-upper-arm like most t-shirts), and I adore how it's just a little bit out of the ordinary. The sleeves can also be rolled up to kind of a muscle-tee style which I love because it gives the shirt more variety. The only thing I don't like, and it's pretty insignificant, is that when I tuck it into high-waisted skirts, the flowers can't be seen. Other than that, I'm very excited to welcome this into my closet.

oriental floral cigarette trousers- pink

Okay, I'm about to share something with you that may come as a shocker: I don't wear jeans, especially not skinny jeans. This is mostly because I feel rather claustrophobic when my legs are entirely covered. Only recently have I started to wear leggings, and I only have three pairs. When I saw these trousers though, I got extremely excited. They're cigarette trousers (which means they're cropped), so they don't make me look like I'm being eaten by my pants (which was my initial problem with jeans). The pattern is just so eye-catching, and I can't wait to work these into my wardrobe! Unfortunately, though, I may have to wait a while because I can't imagine wearing pants in summer weather.

denim look mini skirt- denim

I have been wanting a denim skirt for a couple months now, so when I saw this I thought it was meant to be! I may have made a little itty bitty mistake when I bought this skirt, though. See how it says, "denim look"? Yeah, all I saw was "denim." It's actually a cotton/polyester material, and that means panty lines. I've decided to keep it because I really do like how it looks, but I'll just have to wear it with tights or a slip. Anyway, the lesson here is be careful when shopping online-- very careful.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rough Match

sunglasses: Lauren Conrad; t-shirt: an original by me*; skirt: Target; bag: Esprit; shoes: Call It Spring**

One of my favorite tricks to making my outfits stand out is wearing patterns when I'm not sure I should. It can be a little scary, but it adds a slightly quirky touch to an otherwise typical outfit. In this case, I would usually wear solid colored bottoms with this t-shirt because t-shirt itself has enough color to carry the outfit, but that would be so extremely banal. The heart-pattern skirt adds an appealing aspect to the outfit without making it overwhelming. Not going to lie, this is not a foolproof method, and it may take some time to get used to because the patterns will hardly ever fit together perfectly. Once you get it down, though, you'll be a freaking pattern queen or something. I encourage you to try it at least once, because it's always important to try new things.

*My t-shirt is a picture of Blair Waldorf, and it says "some people are simply better than others." In case you were curious!
**The shoes originally came with thin, black, cord-like laces, but I made them my own by replacing the laces with silky black ribbon. Granted, the ribbon make the shoes looser (because you can't really tighten the laces), but it makes the shoes seem sweet and delicate.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


bandanna: Michael's; shirt: TJ Maxx; dress: Cotton On; purse: Michael Kors; shoes: Converse

One of my favorite ways to wear this shirt is unbuttoned and over a dress. It's super easy and, in my opinion, embodies a very Californian vibe. However, the shirt and the dress on their own lack color (which is unacceptable in the summer, but don't quote me on that), so I paired them with an array of pink accessories. My Converse are custom pink high-tops (you can design your own on the Converse website!). They have become one of my most-worn pairs of shoes, even though when I first got them, I was too intimidated to wear them because I felt like they were too loud and incompatible with my wardrobe. I have no idea what happened, but now I wear these shoes all the time because I love how they make everything bolder. They're like hot sauce for your feet. Yeah, I'll end with that.

DIY Shoe Painting

Today I want to show you this cool D.I.Y. that I did last night! As you can see, I painted the bottom of my heels a pretty baby blue color. It really adds something special to my otherwise plain heels, so I thought I'd show you how to add this subtle touch to your old shoes.

Obviously you'll need a pair of shoes. New or old, either will do. Personally, I used a pair of old heels, but you can take any type of shoe. (If you do use a different type of shoe, let me know how it worked out in the comments!)
 If you have new shoes, you can skip this next step. However, if you're planning on using old shoes, you should scrub any excess dirt off the bottom with some dish soap and an old sponge.

When you're done, they should be squeaky clean!
Next, take some painters tape and cover the sides of the shoes. This way the paint won't get all over the rest of the shoe.
 Pour some nail polish into a paper bowl. I suggest using either a darker colored nail polish or a thicker one. Light colors and thin nail polishes can be used, you'll just need to apply more coats. You'll also need a paint brush to paint the shoes. Warning: this brush will be destroyed, so use one that you don't mind losing.

 Now we get to the fun part: PAINTING! You might want to wear disposable gloves because when I did it, the paint was all over my fingers. But hey, maybe that's just me. Regardless of paint color or density, you will need to do multiple coats. I advise that for the final coat, your brush strokes go in a different direction than the previous coats. That way, you get a smoother finish.

 P.S. Don't worry if you get a little nail polish on the other parts of the shoe! That will come off easily with a little bit of nail polish remover.

Make sure the nail polish is totally dry before removing the tape and especially before wearing. I let mine dry overnight just to be sure.

Final product:

 Ta-da! I hope this inspired you to renovate your old shoes or improve new ones!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


sunglasses: Lauren Conrad; shirt: an original by me; skirt: Forever 21; purse: Nine West; shoes: LoveD

It's a trite way to describe it, but this is one of my go-to outfits. If I'm, for some reason, incapable of putting together a decent outfit in the morning, I'll grab a cropped t-shirt and wear it over a skirt or a dress. Sometimes it's a simple as that, so  I think it's always good to own a crop top or two. I personally own many, but most of the cropped t-shirts I own are made by me. I buy plain white t-shirts from Michael's or Joann's, cut them, and iron-on my own designs. Making my own shirts is great because I love having t-shirts that say funny things or have cool pictures, but the ones you find in stores are all the same (e.g. "stay weird", bands that I don't listen to, "selfie", and it's evil twin "celfie"). In case you were wondering, mine says "above average". Well, kind of. This was the first one I made and the ink was a little too dark, so it really says "abo average". Heh, yeah. At least it's unique.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


bandanna: Michael's; shirt: Love Tree; shorts: Cotton On; purse: Coach; shoes: Guess

First things first, I love these shorts. This is my second pair in this kind of pajama-y style and they are the most comfortable thing in the entire freaking world. Even better, they're super versatile. This is only the first time I've worn them, but I already have tons of plans for these shorts. Moving on, I really love wearing bandannas in my hair recently. Even as a kid I wore them frequently, but back then I'd wear them so that the top of my head was completely covered (kind of like a pirate heh heh). It's interesting to me how my style can evolve so much while still including the same pieces. I hope that happens with these shorts so I can be comfy forever. Yeah, that sounds nice.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello there! My name is Lucy Cartin and I guess this is my blog? I like clothes and fashion and shopping and polysyndeton so I thought it'd be fun to start a fashion blog. I have zero experience running a blog so please excuse the mistakes because I know they will be everywhere. Anyway, I guess I should share a little bit about me. My parents are from Taiwan, which makes me Taiwanese, but I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I have a younger brother and a dog and a turtle, and I am wary of how much information I should give out on the internet. In my free time, if I'm not being lazy and watching YouTube, I like to play piano, walk dogs with my friends, go shopping, eat food, read books (usually teen girl books, in case you were wondering), and do yoga (an activity of mine that is really on and off). There's probably tons of other stuff I do that could be included here but it's all really irrelevant because this is a fashion blog. My plan is to post two or three times a week, so we'll see how that goes... My posts will mostly be outfit of the days until I think of other cool things I can do. I hope I don't fail. Bye!